The Second Trimester Feeling Easy Breezy

Lissy Hayes Second Trimester Update

Before I get too far along into my third trimester (currently 35 weeks today) I better crack on and update you guys with all the juicy details of the second trimester. So, I guess it's true what they say about the second trimester, at least for me anyway. You do feel better - if you're reading this and you're having the worst time with morning sickness, don't worry, it really does get better! 

When it came to around week 15 and 16 my energy levels went from permanently feeling like a zombie to feeling like almost like my regular self only much hungrier. And the constant sea-like sickness slowly subsides and you actually start to remember what it is like to enjoy food again without being put off by certain smells.  By week 19 and onwards I became aware of teeny tiny movements and nudges. And they really are like little butterfly movements, the most adorable pokes and prods in the world. This being my first pregnancy the movements really do catch you off guard sometimes and its hard to believe that there is a little person doing their own thing in your belly. 

Which brings me to the 20 week scan - its always exciting seeing your little one on the screen but blimey they really do grow so quickly. Even from the 12 week scan it's big growth spurt. So, I guess you might be bursting to know if we found out the sex of our baby but no we didn't find out the gender and I'm really happy that we have a little surprise to look forward to. Although, at first I thought we were having a girl but now I am leaning towards this little one being a boy. I have no idea really but it's fun to try and figure out who this little one is. 

One last thing before I wrap this post up, I forgot to mention in my first trimester update that I was told my blood type was Rhesus Negative. Now, hearing that at first makes you think woah how weird! But after speaking to a few people it's actually more common than the midwives ect. let on and a few people I know are also rhesus negative. At my 28 week appointment I had a Anti-D injection to protect the baby just incase any of our bloods mix during delivery. Finding out my blood type has encouraged me to donate blood after the baby is born.

Call me the hungry hippo, I just want to eat and eat and eat. And then eat some more! I don't know what it is about the second trimester but I struggled to fill my boots. Pelvic pain - looking back I did feel stretching like sensations in my lower stomach which did make me feel a little concerned but it's all normal, just your body making room for ever growing squidge. Also, my dreams have before a lot more vivid and don't make much sense anymore. The other night I was escorting people one by one up and down a lift - weird. 

Cheese salad sandwich or ham salad sandwich! Lime and soda with lots of ice.

Looking forward to
Having our cot and moses basket delivered. Picking up more cute baby bits and meeting this little one!

How are you finding your second trimester? I'd love to know!