Finding The Joy In Everyday

Lissy Hayes - Happy Review Fearne Cotton

Happy Monday! Today I'd like to share a book I received for my birthday back in March and honestly I haven't been able to put it down since!  Happy is one of those books that guides you to being the happiest person you can be. As I have grown up I have realised how important it is to nurture yourself, practice self-love and focus a lot more on your state of mind. In the fast paced-ness of day to day life it's quite easy to neglect yourself and it is so easy to get in a funk over little things without having the foggiest idea why. In the past, I found myself seeking the super highs of life only to be greeted with the super lows. I also found that the highs I happened to be seeking never particularly fulfilled me, so, the lows seemed to follow quite quickly afterwards. And just like a rollercoaster the ups and the downs can feel exciting but the constant shift between high and low left me emotionally drained and nobody likes to be on a rollercoaster forever! Reading a book like Happy brings you back down to earth, it allows you to refocus on what floats your boat, tickles your pickle - all the good stuff, the little things we forget about and overlook. Rather than seeking the rollercoaster highs and lows it shows you how to find happiness in everyday.

Being in the now brings you back inside your body, rather than continuously projecting forwards or backwards. The now is very powerful and allows you to invite all of those emotions and sensations in, rather than dulling them and ignoring them because your head is elsewhere.
— Fearne Cotton

This book has really helped me to focus on being present and to reevaluate what actually makes me happy not what I think makes me happy. With the help of exercises in the book it slowly brings you to your happy place. A place of contentment. Living in the now brings me joy! It's so easy to be looking towards the future or reminiscing on moments of the past but bringing it back to the present is really the key (for me) to finding joy in everyday. I still have a long way to go but making little changes make a big difference. Now, I try to spend less time on my phone and more time reading, I take more walks with my dog and less time worrying about the future. I have learnt to say no more to things that cause unwanted stress and say yes to more of the things that bring me joy. By doing these little things I have found a balance and contentment in everyday. The whole book is just bursting with positivity and without giving too much away I truly recommend you pick it up because it is one heck of an inspirational read. 

So, to wrap it up,  how do you find the joy in every day?