The Tales of The First Trimester

We found out we were expecting late October and we have been on cloud nine since. Now I am almost at the end of my second trimester and at the beginning of my third. I am quite excited for trials of the first trimester to be over upon reflection, I didn't have a hard time like the horror stories you hear and for that I am eternally grateful to my body and this little baby. I've got so much more energy, my appetite is back to normal and then some!

After receiving the big fat positive, for me, the first trimester was filled with a lot of anxiety. Although you've taken 3+ positive pregnancy tests and a digital one just to make sure, you really don't believe that you're pregnant. At the beginning I didn't feel any different (until the symptoms kicked in) and for some reason I began to doubt my bodies capability in creating a nurturing environment for our little bean to grow. I think it's normal to think this way and that's okay. If you're feeling the same way as I did in your first trimester try to trust yourself - your body is an amazing place and you've got this! 

Being naturally in tune with my body we found out quite early on at 4 weeks. I noticed some changes and if we're getting personal the first thing to change were my boobs. They were sore in a way I have never experienced before. They hurt all the time. I hated the idea of a bra. At the time a bra seemed like a device of torture! And occasionally throughout the day I felt the need to be sick without the ability to actually be sick. Doesn't this sound so lovely?! The hardest part is having to disguise how you're feeling, especially when midday and evening naps aren't a regular part of your daily routine. 

We decided to tell everyone the news on New Years Day, we had already had our twelve week scan and we felt a lot more reassured seeing our little one on the screen wriggling around. The scan its self is such an amazing experience but instead of crying with joy like I thought I would, I sat there beaming with a smile so large, just beaming. I can't explain the happiness you feel when you see them for the first time. It's amazing!

I had the most unusual morning sickness and for me I wouldn't typically call it morning sickness more like all day nausea. I wanted to badly to be able to be sick but my body couldn't. I felt the nausea more if I did eat and if I had an empty stomach. Finding the perfect middle ground to combat the sickness was tricky. No food sounded appealing and eating became quite difficult. Also, tiredness! I have never experienced anything like it. I could nap all day, every day. I would typically wake up around 7am then feel the need to nap around lunch time and again around 6pm. Even after all those naps I would be in bed for 8pm and wake up at 7am. I was exhausted.

Salt and vinegar crisp, pickles, fruit Juice and hot milky drinks.

Brocoli, red meats, tinned tomatoes, chilli, raisins, cups of tea.

Looking forward to
My belly growing, feeling our baby move, the next scan and picking up little bits for our little one! 

I'd love to know how you found your first trimester?